In this Section we discuss matters related to getting tested.

For your personal testing you have a couple of choices.

  • One is to participate in a program at an ICDL Canada Authorized Test Centre that does public testing.

Test centres decide what they offer so may only deliver ICDL Training and Testing in conjunction with other programs they offer such as in a Diploma program where ICDL standards may be subsumed into the larger curriculum. Moreover, some employers offer ICDL Certification programs internally only for their own employees.

  • Another is to enrol into ICDL Canada’s Custom Testing Program.

This Custom Testing Program responds to individuals’ needs for ICDL Certification testing in most urban communities across Canada.

We discuss Diagnostic Tests that can be acquired and used by registered participants to improve their preparation and to be ready and confident before entering the Test Centre for their Certification Tests.

This Section also introduces you to the ICDL Canada Personal Testing Account that all registered candidates have and where they can do their Diagnostic Tests, access e-Learning and look at all test results including both their Diagnostic and Certification Tests Results.

Finally Employers, Educational Institutions and Training Organizations can connect to information about becoming an ICDL Canada Authorized Test Centre.