ICDL Canada has assembled a large array of text-based and e-learning training materials supporting the New ICDL. Go to the status report to see what New ICDL Module components are now available. Most Base/Standard and all Advanced Modules are now supported with e-learning and/or text based courseware materials.

Existing ICDL Canada registrants can purchase the New ICDL Expansion PACs for the number of Modules they wish to update or add. They can add Modules or update already attained Modules by choosing from those available in New ICDL up to the total number in their New ICDL Expansion PAC. Upon completion of their expansion PAC, they will receive a new Certification showing the Modules completed or updated. Simply contact ICDL Canada.

Expanding or keeping your ICDL Certificate up to date can be done through your existing Test Centre or through ICDL Canada's Custom Testing service.

If you want to access your existing ICDL Canada Personal Testing Account and have forgotten your login (username and password), contact us and we will update your account registration free of charge.

Checkout the Summaries for the New ICDL Modules.