This section addresses you the individual...

  • How you can get and/or prove you have the essential computer use skills for work and life. It's about personal productivity, life-long-learning and inclusion.
  • Communicate, connect, and interact with others.
  • ICDL Certification can give you important tools for learning.
  • ICDL Certifications give your skills tangibility to make them better valued by others.

This section helps you consider what digital skills you already have but also to look at what skills you can add now and as part of your future.

  • Which program is right for you now, next and later? Is there a precedence order in some of the New ICDL Modules?
  • Why is ICDL important for me at work?

How will I get started and how will I proceed?

  • What steps are there to take?
  • How do I engage with ICDL programs?
  • What will I experience along the way?