Collage-of-QRG-FrontsQuick Reference Guides (QRG) have been put together for the ICDL Base and Standard Modules to assist REGISTERED Candidates in preparation for each ICDL Module. Each Guide is typically organized on four pages so there is a lot of information contained in a small space. Consequently, you may be better able to view the material on screen rather than in printed form. Also, note that a Quick Reference Guide may reflect different software than your tests or e-learning. (For practical reasons QRG's have not been produced for Advanced Modules.)

The following are the Modules with available Quick Reference Guides:

Computer Essentials

Online Essentials

Word Processing


Using Databases


IT Security

Online Collaboration

Image Editing

Web Editing

Project Planning

To get access to your free QRGs contact ICDL Canada. You must be an ICDL Candidate registered in Canada with an ICDL Canada Personal Testing Account. State "Send QRG Link" plus your ICDL Username, your First and Last Name. We will use the e-mail address* in your registration to send you the link(s) to the module(s) for which you are registered. * Make sure it is up-to-date!

ECDL Foundation and ICDL Canada do not warrant that the use of any of the guides will ensure passing of related ICDL Certification Tests. These ICDL Quick Reference Guides are also not intended to substitute for training or text-based and e-learning courseware. They may not be published without permission from ICDL Canada nor sold. They remain Copyright material of ECDL Foundation and ICDL Canada.