ICDL Certification and Diagnostic Test AccessPSILoginPage

Please follow the steps below to access your Personal Testing Account. The site name now now includes "PSI" (rather than "EnlightKS").

The resulting testing website is now named "ATLAS Cloud".

The URL is:  https://icdlca.psionline.com/


  1. Enter your Username and Password into the fields presented.
    Candidate Usernames and Passwords are distributed to candidates by an invigilator / proctor at your Test Centre in advance of taking ICDL Certification and Diagnostics Tests or through The ICDL Canada Custom Testing Program. Please enter your registered candidate ICDL Username (this begins with some letters and a hyphen followed by an alphanumeric string (e.g. CAN-******* or CAB-*******). Then, enter your registered ICDL Password in the spaces provided below. Note the letters are case-sensitive and the hyphen must be included.
  2. Complete the requested registration details.
    Having successfully logged into the ICDL Testing System, each candidate will be asked to enter or check his/her personal details.  Please ensure that the information provided is complete and accurate.  Candidates are asked to store their registration details safely for future reference.
  3. Access ICDL Diagnostic and Certification Tests.
    Having completed this candidate login, candidates can immediately access assigned e-learning Courseware, or ICDL Diagnostic Tests. Candidates can access their Personal Testing Accounts 24/7 to do Diagnostics or E-learning or to review results of completed tests or Courseware. Results can be sorted  and printed if desired.

Note: Live ICDL Certification Tests will be accessible only during supervised exams at your designated testing location. Notification of scheduled testing times and dates will be provided by your Test Centre's invigilator / proctor or, for participants in Custom Testing, through your ICDL Canada Custom Testing Program's Invigilator. You will be able to access the results of all types of tests within your account including completed Certification Tests.

Click the link below the login area to check if your computer meets the exam system requirements for personal access anywhere you can connect it to the Internet. It will indicate any missing features that can often be downloaded and installed without charge.

Note: "Self Registration" is not usable in Canada.