Recognize ICDL Certifications

If you are lucky you could hire new employees who have their ICDL Certifications. All that requires is that you recognize the ICDL Certification. You could adopt it by encouraging several employees to tune up their computer skills and to attain the ICDL Certification standard.  For many this can be done with self-paced study. Throw in a little instructor led coaching such as a lunch and learn session every week. In seven weeks you could have several people done or close to finishing their 7 Test Modules required for the ICDL Standard Certificate.

After you see the impact it has on these people's abilities and confidence, you may consider requiring new employees to have, or be in the process of getting an ICDL when they start work. Some employers require that new employees attain the ICDL during their probationary period.

Make ICDL Certification part of your recruiting strategy

Larger organizations could use the certification to add power to their recruitment for high volume recruiting situations.

This approach largely removes the pressure of determining the computer literacy element of the candidate's skills. Recruiters can then focus on other important job related skills. Here is the approach before hiring:

  • Use the normal methods for selecting a shortlist of candidates. Then use the ICDL ten-minute questionnaire designed for pre-assessment of ICDL testing readiness.
  • Decide which Modules you wish them to have completed (e.g. Modules 2, 3 and 7) and within what time frame (e.g. two weeks).
  • Issue ICDL Skills Cards to the selected candidates (either as an ICDL Authorized Testing Centre (ATC) or through an outside ICDL ATC)
  • Provide each candidate with ICDL approved self-paced courseware
  • Declare which of the seven Modules you require completed and within what time period for candidates to continue the recruiting process.
  • Your costs would be limited to the Certification PAC and the courseware.
  • Successful candidates could then complete the remaining Modules as part of their probationary period.

For those that need longer than permitted in the current recruitment cycle to reach the ICDL standard, you could defer their recruiting files but invite them to reapply once they have completed the full ICDL.

The benefits of and ICDL-based approach:

  • All new employees would be at or well on the way to the computer proficiency standard adopted by the organization.
  • Candidates that are otherwise attractive could be encouraged to return to the process once proficient with computers as end-users. You have a pipeline!
  • The organization would present a first-class image in the recruiting process that would also be beneficial to short listed candidates.
  • By declaring the adoption of the standard and showing this procedure to potential candidates, many would likely seek their ICDL's before applying to the organization, further streamlining the process.

How big is your organization's need? – Try an ICDL pilot.

You could do a good pilot with 20 to 50 employees. ICDL Diagnostic Tests could be taken by all registered pilot participants at the start. This would help them understand what parts of the Syllabus are most needed for them. This would establish a "before" scenario. Later the collective results of the Certification Tests would show the "after". Then you can be the judge. Are computer use skills as good as you hoped? Is significant improvement possible? Which ICDL learning program design works best in your organization?