Take your computer skills to the next level...

The good news is that existing ICDL registrants can access Advanced Modules by acquiring an appropriate ICDL Canada Expansion PAC through their Test Centre or through ICDL Custom Testing Services. The cost of Advanced Modules has been reduced.

Introduced as a result of market demand, ICDL Advanced has been one of the fastest growing certification products in the ICDL range of standards. ICDL Advanced is a higher level program that was designed for those who have successfully completed ICDL Standard Certificates and wish to further enhance their computer skills.

Advanced Modules are in many respects treated as simply another ICDL Module. However, it is normal that candidates do the corresponding Base or Standard Modules before tackling their Advanced Module counterparts -- e.g. Word Processing then Advanced Word Processing. They will get more from both if they do them one after the other. Expert designations require the three or four corresponding Base/Standard Modules.

The following Advanced Modules are available:

Each Advanced Module has been designed as a stand-alone unit in each respective area. Candidates who successfully complete a Module will have it included in their next ICDL Profile Certification.

The ICDL Advanced Modules give candidates the opportunity to become expert in the use of these applications, acquiring skill sets over and above the routine features of the software.

Successful completion of ICDL Advanced Modules in ICDL Advanced Profile can demonstrate that candidates are:

  • Organized and efficient
  • More productive
  • Capable of confidently utilizing the fuller potential of the applications
  • Expert at producing timely, attractive, professional quality outputs

The benefits of having Advanced Modules in your ICDL Certificate include:

  • Internationally recognized qualifications
  • Demonstrated certified skills
  • Vendor-neutral (i.e. applicable to all brands of relevant software)
  • Backed by the reputation of the worldwide ECDL/ICDL program

The syllabus has been designed to be task-based rather than function-based so that the candidates acquire the skills needed to accomplish advanced tasks with the application rather than simply learning the functions of one software brand.