ICDL Canada offers a first step registration in the ICDL Essentials PAC. This an initial end-user computer skills certification program designed for those with a limited knowledge of computers and the Internet who wish to gain valuable everyday computer and Internet skills. The program provides basic skills and knowledge in essential computer and Internet use to help launch the candidate into the online world.

In Canada the two New ICDL "Essentials Modules", Computer Essentials and Online Essentials, are used instead of e-Citizen.  Please use the following link to see the PDF file that provides two summaries: Module Summaries for Computer Essentials and Online Essentials.

When completed, participants will be able to utilize their new ICDL Essentials Certification to prove their achievements. A logical next step would be to add the two additional Base Modules, Word Processing and Spreadsheets, to achieve an ICDL Base Certificate. Subsequently, such participants can move on to various Standard Modules such as, Spreadsheets, Image Editing or Presentation. Later, when they have attained 7 modules in all, an ICDL Standard Certificate will show they are taking full advantage of New ICDL's life-long learning potential. ...There are 15 Modules now available in Canada.