You can prove you have the essential computer use skills for work and life.

Certified computer user skills make you more attractive to employers. They can enable career advancement and can help you to use your work time more productively. Computers have become an essential part of everyday life. Gaining the skills to understand and use computers or to advance your existing skills is an essential part of lifelong learning. Computer skills enable social and economic inclusion, which is essential to a healthy functioning society. ICDL certification programs are designed to meet the needs of both younger and older age groups.

Communicate, connect and interact

ICDL can help you communicate, connect, and interact with others: Communicate with friends and family; connect with virtual communities of like-minded people through, for example, web browsing, email, or blogs; Interact using online technologies, for example, Instant Messaging, webcams, Internet telephones, social networking, or online education and entertainment.

Tools for learning

ICDL Certification gives you important tools for learning. The importance of computer use skills' is recognized by many institutions in higher education. They give ICDL holders advanced standing and transfer credit for courses that are often compulsory for undergraduates. With an ICDL certification your computer skills are well developed for higher education, leaving you time and flexibility in your first year timetable.

Continuous learning is fundamentally part of the information society. Its pursuit goes hand in hand with good computer use skills. New ICDL enhances your ability to keep learning and certifying!