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Privacy Statement ICDL Canada Limited adheres to the Canadian Standards Association's "Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information."

ICDL Canada Ltd. acknowledges that it may have collected information particular to an identifiable individual (Personal Information) solely as part of the information provided in any of the forms located on an ICDL Canada website or as part of our testing software. The type of Personal Information collected and held by ICDL Canada Ltd. at any time is limited to the information provided by an individual in completing and submitting the forms.

The office of the Privacy Commissioner has advised that there must be a purpose for the data collection and there can be no exceptions. The purpose is proper identification of holders of ICDL Skills Card or holders of ICDL Certificates. This identification is necessary at the time of registration and at testing. This information is also used when candidates move between authorized test centres or countries and wish to continue their testing program or otherwise validate their Canadian ICDL documents within the ICDL worldwide network.

Any other information provided by an individual is done so willingly and is used solely for the purposes indicated.

Any inquiries or comments relating to the management of Personal Information should be directed to ICDL Canada Ltd. at 5090 Explorer Drive, Suite 510, Mississauga, ON  L4W 4T9

Collection of Personal Information ICDL Canada requires that all candidates must provide a valid piece of photo identification and signature at time of registration and at the start each testing session. When registering an ICDL candidate, the following data elements are compulsory: first name, last name, birth date, gender and place of birth. All candidates must be assigned an ICDL Skills Card at the time of registration. The Skills Card number must be entered into the testing software registration for certification tests (and diagnostic tests if applicable).

Currently, ICDL Certified Administrators and Testers are not required to provide this information. However, it is expected that Certified Testers/Administrators will pursue their ICDL certification and at the point they wish to become candidates, the same information will be required.