ICDL Canada has been established with endorsements from The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) and Action TI in Quebec. ICDL computer use skill certification is for computer users in Canada.  Uniform qualifications in computing skills verify computer user skills in the home, office, industry and educational environments. The ICDL Standard shows you what you really need to know and be able to do with computers to be considered competent and productive in computer use at home, at work or at college or university.EndorserComboLogoITAC-CIPS-ATI

ICDL Canada licenses and trains the Certified Testing/Administrator staff in ICDL Canada Authorized Test Centres. It provides access to on-line testing including Certification Tests and Diagnostic Tests and e-learning. It fields ICDL Canada approved training materials suited to the Canadian audience.

The ICDL Foundation has established a Quality Management System based on the internationally-recognized quality standard ISO 9001: 2008. ICDL Canada works within strictly enforced Quality Assurance guidelines and audits its licensees and testing centers in their compliance with procedures and quality assurance standards. Adherence to this standard ensures that the processes used by ICDL Foundation to develop and support its certification programs, are effective, efficient, and subject to continuous evaluation and improvement.

Adherence to this standard ensures that the processes used by ECDL Foundation to develop and support its certification programmes, are effective, efficient, and subject to continuous evaluation and improvement. - See more at: http://www.ecdl.org/index.jsp?p=94&n=609#jump

ICDL Certifications are attainable through the special user-friendly ICDL Skills Cards, which record the skills a candidate demonstrates in each registered Module. As the candidate passes each Module successfully, the corresponding skill is noted in their Skills Card. The final achievement of a full card leads to the award of an ICDL Certificate. We use the concept of each individual having an ICDL Profile -- one registration that will allows them to progress through the Base, Standard and Advanced series of Modules -- choosing Modules that meet their own interests and are most relevant to their academic institution or employer. In Canada, 15 Modules now have Diagnostic and Certification Tests available for ICDL Candidates. See the Programs Section for what Certificates are possible.

ICDL is relevant to the workplace and higher education. ICDL already includes approximately 15 million participants around the world in 140+ countries. The value of the licence is recognized in both the public and private sectors for identifying essential skills in the workplace. All Modules test practical skills rather than theory. Tests consist of tasks chosen at random from a store of typical day to day computer operations. The guiding principle is reality -- the ICDL Certificate confirms the candidate's actual skills. The underlying standards are free of bias towards any computer producer or software product.

ICDL is easy to implement. ICDL Canada and the Foundation keep the standard up to date. Syllabus, courseware and tests are updated regularly. Workload is reduced through automated testing. On-line student registration services are available for large registrations.

Computer training organizations, educational institutions and employers are being accredited as Authorized Test Centres. For individuals located some distance form test centres, ICDL Canada's Custom Testing service can be arranged. Testing locations utilize automated tests provided through ICDL Canada for each of the Modules being persued. Approved course materials are available in e-learning or text-based formats suitable for both self-paced or instructor-led approaches to learning.